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Valérie Anex is a young Irish-Swiss artist born in 1983 in Lausanne, Switzerland. She lives and works in Berlin. She first graduated in 2007 at the Graduate Institute of International and Development studies (IUHEID) in Geneva, before entering the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD). Her activities include photography and film. In July 2011, she obtained her Master Degree in Fine Arts, orientation CCC and was awarded the Neumann prize attributed by the City of Geneva for her photographic work Ghost Estates. Since, she has presented her work in different contexts including collective exhibitions, publications and festivals: Sélection / Auswahl 2011, PhotoforumPasquart Biel; Celeste Prize 2011, New York; New York Times Lens Blog, August 2011; La lettre de la photographie, Septembre 2011; Carte Blanche, Forum d’Architectures (2012), Lausanne; Les Boutographies, Rencontres photographiques de Montpellier (2012); VFG 16e prix, Lausanne, Winterthur (2012).